Tell Your Story

Help Stop Discrimination From Happening to Others


Sharing these stories will help stop gender-based workplace discrimination.

Have you or someone you know been paid or promoted less than your colleagues simply because of  gender? Or have you had the opposite experience,  a great employer that was fair to all?

It won’t cost you a penny or take much time and you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your home.  If you or someone you know has ever been discriminated against in the workplace because of gender,  please simply share the story.  There’s no need to mention names, including your own, if you don’t want to – we welcome you to share anonymously.

You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping others.  And your stories will help policy makers, the media and the general public understand how workplace discrimination harms real women in the real world beyond mere statistics.

Together we can stop pay inequality in the legal and other professions!

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Tell Your Story