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Sick and Tired of Boss Commenting On How I Dressed, Saying Men Paid More Due to Family to Support…

Ive been a paralegal for over 20 years. I worked for the same name partner for much of that time. I made decent money and fully expected to continue and then retire at 70. But out of the blue one day I was let go. When I think back I recall things that happened that, in retrospect, may have been egging me on to quit. For example, my boss made comments like “Now that you’ve lost weight you must have more confidence because you’re a little mouthy.” On another day my boss asked me why I chose to wear heels with jeans (it was casual Friday but I always looked professional and wore a blazer) which I did not feel had anything to do with my work and was a tad out of line. Another time he asked why my shirt showed cleavage. The HR director was aware of these types of comments and chose to do nothing. In fact she repeated them to me. Any time I would defend myself my boss would get very angry. I noticed that he never commented when younger women dressed that way. A few months before I was fired I learned that male paralegals were making more money that the women. I asked my boss why. He said because they have families to support. When it came time for reviews I had to fight for even a .25 cents an hour raise. So many things just didn’t seem right.


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