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We envision a day when gender truly does not matter and everyone has access to opportunity, fair treatment and just compensation in the workplace.

But fighting gender discrimination in the workplace is never easy.  It’s expensive, stressful and can be humiliating. But for those in the legal professions, it can be worse.  Those brave enough to try will find that few lawyers are willing to sue other lawyers.  And even if you do find one, you risk being blackballed by other employers for future employment.

Knowing this makes filing a charge with the EEOC, the first step toward legal action, incredibly intimidating and one of the reasons conventional systems for combating gender discrimination has not worked for over fifty years.

Our EEOC Grant Program can help with up to a $500 grant to get you through the process. We’ll connect you with a qualified professional help ensure that what you experienced truly was gender discrimination as defined by the law, an essential step in insuring that gender discrimination claims are not erroneously, recklessly or lightly made, and then help you through the process of professionally filing a formal charge.

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