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Arnstein & Lehr Partner Tells Secretary “Ill Know When I Lost Weight When I Can See My Penis” It is really that small? Here’s More From the Actual Lawsuit…

Here I some allegations verbatim from a recently filed lawsuit against the law firm Arnstein and Lehr that I came across…

Mr Kipnis directed —- to invite an attractive secretary on a cruise with Mr Kipnis family so that Mr Kipnis son could have sex with the attractive secretary.

Mr Kipnis preferred that the staff be young and attractive and made this fact known to —– for her to remember each time she was the Acting Office Administrator and responsible for staff interviews.

The firm was aware of Mr Kipnis abusive behavior and did nothing to control it or eliminate it, upon information and belief, because of Mr Kipnis significant book of business comprised of banking and finance industry clients.

Mr. Kipnis often spoke about his sex life to —, often saying things to her like “Your husband is a lucky guy. I bet you still give him blowjobs. My wife wont give me blow jobs anymore.”

Mr Kipnis also said the following to —- on a continuous basis: “If I was 30 years younger, what I would do to you,” “You would be a perfect wife,” “You could be my wife,” “I’ll know when I lost enough weight when I can see my penis.”

Mr Kipnis had —- inject him in the buttocks with vitamin B-12 after an alleged medical event because he could not do it himself and his won wife allegedly refused.

When —- would pick up Mr Kipnis dry cleaning he would say “this is the only way our clothes will touch or be mixed up.”

Mr Kipnis also enjoyed speaking to — about the sex life of another law firm partner, specifically, how that partner could not perform sexually and fathered the most recent child had by this other partners secretary.

In an effort to add credibility to the story how this other partner fathered the secretarys most recent child, Mr Kipnis would tell — that the secretary would attend business trips with the other partner and that —- could accompany Mr Kipnis on “similar” trips.

…and the allegations go on. Ive seen so many of these things happen in offices Ive worked in. Younger pretty women actually have it the worst :-(


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