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We are here to end illegal gender based discrimination because it’s already been far too long.

We envision a day when gender truly does not matter and everyone has access to opportunity, fair treatment and just compensation in the workplace.

Albert Einstein once said that “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”  Yet that’s exactly what we’ve been doing with equal pay.  Laws have required that women be paid equally for decades and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was established over fifty years ago to enforce them, yet women today are still paid much less than men.  Clearly the laws, and the EEOC don’t work and some in Congress have been blocking attempts to fix them for years. At this rate, it will take another fifty years before women are paid on par with men.

So what are we doing differently?  Recognizing that, despite  over fifty years of laws and advocacy, women are still not treated equally in the workplace, there are still stigmas associated with speaking out, and most are still unable to access legal recourse.  WEPNetwork is the first and only 501c3 resource dedicated to giving women an opportunity to share their stories.

WEPN champions workplace equality and legal justice for women by providing a safe space for women experiencing workplace bias to tell their stories, connect with others, get empowered and eliminate the stigma associated with speaking out.

Under the law and good conscience, the ability to earn a decent living and know that hard work and dedication will be worth the many sacrifices is fundamental to every American and a basis of the American Dream itself. This is precisely why laws like the Equal Pay Act, Title VII and various similar state laws exist in the first place. Yet decades after their passage, tens of millions of women report experiencing illegal gender-based discrimination in their work place.

In fact, in many ways gender-based workplace discrimination has become more subtle and difficult to prove, rearing its head, not only as unequal pay, but as unequal expectations and access to clients, opportunities, mentoring and promotions.

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The problem is, that the systems and laws we have for combating gender-based workplace discrimination just don’t work. That’s a fact proven over decades. Women simply can’t access the law and remedies. Most women cannot afford to risk their jobs by seeking help from their Human Resource department or filing an EEOC charge and, likewise, cannot afford the incredibly high cost of  pursuing legal recourse and potentially being “blackballed” by other employers. Women even afraid to talk, even to each other, about discrimination and the offenders know it.

Our purpose is to give women who have been discriminated against because of their gender an opportunity to tell their stories, to have their voices heard, to know that what happened to them matters, is being counted and will not be tolerated. To bring discrimination out of the closet and into the light by talking openly with each other about it. And to give the individuals and organizations who agree that gender equality in the workplace matters an opportunity to hear their stories and respond as they see fit. Further change happens as we share these real-life stories, including from women who understandably prefer to share stories anonymously, with legislators, the media and other organizations including those fighting for pay equality laws, gathering research and data, and raising public awareness.

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