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If the financial costs, psychological-physical stress, and humiliation of being discriminated against at work, simply for being a woman, are not enough, women who do stand up are almost uniformly eventually forced to sign non-disclosure agreements, preventing them from ever telling anyone what happened. The very laws that are supposed to protect us are eventually used against us, depriving women of their Constitutional First Amendment right to free speech, shutting down their ability to ever "feel heard." For decades, thousands of women have been silenced this way. Their stories are deliberately and systematically hidden from the light of day, and from our nation's leaders, legislators, and policy makers who might otherwise use this critical information to improve the laws. And they’re hidden from the other women and advocates they might otherwise inspire to stand up or find comfort in knowing they’re not alone.

That’s why the Women’s Equal Pay Network is dedicated to

  • Providing women with a safe place to share gender discrimination experiences and stories, know they're making a difference, and feel heard;
  • Creating a collective voice, removing the stigma often associated with speaking up;
  • Supporting women who do choose to stand up, via grant funds and guidance filing an EEOC Charge;
  • Getting these life-changing stories out from behind the shadows and into the awareness of legislators, policy makers, and leaders, so everybody can see that these are not merely isolated incidents and the changes needed, in order for decades old laws to protect women the way they were intended to do, can finally be made;
  • Sending a loud and clear message to the offenders that they can no longer break the law and then silence us, we’re talking to each other, and we’re not going to stop talking until the laws are honored and everyone is treated equally in the workplace.


WEPN champions workplace equality and legal justice for women by providing a safe space for women experiencing workplace bias to tell their stories, connect with others, get empowered and eliminate the stigma associated with speaking out.

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